Wallpaper Album 6

Best in show


Available colourways. Click on a swatch to enlarge.

Also within Wallpaper Album 6

Quartz (14 colourways)
Travertino (2 colourways)
Caiman (1 colourways)
Zebrano (1 colourways)
Scaglia (2 colourways)
Quartz Stripe (2 colourways)
Petra (1 colourways)
Oratorio (3 colourways)
Clarendon (1 colourways)
Salcey (3 colourways)
Radnor (5 colourways)
Derwent (5 colourways)
Tillery (1 colourways)
Allerdale (1 colourways)
Arizona (2 colourways)
Richmond (4 colourways)
Fernery (1 colourways)
Best in show (2 colourways)
Mara (1 colourways)
Sherwood (3 colourways)
Dulwich Stripe (5 colourways)
Soubise (2 colourways)
Palais Chinois (4 colourways)
Fontette (2 colourways)
Du Barry (6 colourways)
Vaujours (3 colourways)
Marivault (3 colourways)
Du Barry Stripe (3 colourways)
Maharani (5 colourways)
Jagmandir (3 colourways)

Please note this website may feature lifestyle photographs of designs and colourways which are limited stock or discontinued.

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