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The Future Is Bright

Looking forward into 2022, nature with its wonderful array of colours, continues to
inspire our studio - showcasing a palette both colourful and calm.

A text only version of these pages and links to features fabrics and wallpapers, are available at the bottom of the page.





Text only version:

Ever popular, all the different greens of gardens, wild spaces and houseplants influence our own choices - vibrant shades of grass and leaf along with softer tones of lichen, rosemary and peppermint that provide tranquillity and work so beautifully with natural tones.


Uplifting sunshine yellow brings positivity and joy to our outdoor fabrics, widely used in both outdoor and indoor spaces. Lemon, honey and gold have been added - colours that will also feature in upcoming wallpaper collections.


Essential to our palette, neutrals are moving from the cool grey shades favoured in recent seasons towards warmer tones such as straw, wheat and linen. Nature's warm neutrals inspire new favourites - terracotta, ochre and amber in a calm relaxed look. This autumn we're combining earth tones with golds, blues and greens to create colourways full of vitality.


The combination of pink/nude with shades of green is now a new classic. This autumn the O&L studio uses soft shades of blush inspired by the magical light of sunrise as backdrops to rich, verdant greens. Shades of coral run throughout these new collections, either as accents for watery blues or to create novel combinations when teamed with rust, gold and bronze.


Classic blues - always an O&L favourite - feature in shades of indigo across our Spring 2021 collections. This autumn we're looking at brighter hues to include sky and ocean as well as those with hints of green such as lagoon, aqua and teal.