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Nina Campbell Travels the Silk Route

The ancient silk route was a network of trading roads connecting East Asia with Africa and Europe. It spanned numerous countries and made religious, political, cultural, and economic trade between the East and West possible, as early as the 2nd century BC.

As the name suggests, silk was the main commodity traded along these roads and although trade has diversified, as designers we are still inspired by this ancient textile trade.

Nina Campbell took inspiration from the rich and diverse textiles of the silk route, when creating the opulent and decorative weaves within the BARODA collection


Introducing the Baroda collection



An innovative woven fabric with two different yarns to create the velvet, along with chenille and twisted fancy yarns to achieve the look of a Persian rug.




Uzbek textiles provided inspiration for this jacquard weave depicting a multi-coloured ikat design with a wavy detail in the construction reminiscent of Uzbekistan ikats.





A luxurious chenille featuring Persian motifs arranged in a square repeat. The design has been printed on a fabric that has been woven with a horizontal strié. This element is integral in recreating the handmade beauty of an oriental rug.






A colourful embroidery featuring jeweled petal shapes, framed by a large honeycomb border on a rich chenille ground. A beautiful complement to the Baroda collection, inspired by a textile hanging in Nina Campbell’s archive.