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Five small-scale chenille patterns woven in combinations of viscose with cotton are evocative of styles and techniques in jewellery design. The colourways include calm neutrals such as linen, taupe and stone as well as stronger colours such as burgundy, denim, chartreuse and plum. The upholstery fabrics in this collection combine particularly well with the larger scale curtaining fabrics in CABOCHON. The name RONDELLE continues the jewellery theme as it refers to the circular disk of metal, gemstone or diamond inserted between beads and strung on a necklace.

  1. Rondelle 3 colourways
  2. Tarquinia 2 colourways
  3. Tarkashi 5 colourways
  4. Chitera 2 colourways
  5. Bavul 1 colourway

Please note this website may feature lifestyle photographs of designs and colourways which are limited stock or discontinued.