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Nina Campbell has chosen the literary name for Imperial China for this collection of fabrics of oriental inspiration ideally suited to both classical and contemporary interiors. Nina’s signature colour palette which includes aqua, amethyst, sage, French grey and eucalyptus is enlivened with more recent additions such as magenta and coral. Co-ordinating and companion upholstery fabrics and wallpapers are to be found in CATHAY WEAVES and CATHAY WALLPAPERS.

  1. Cathay Parade 1 colourway
  2. Penglai 3 colourways
  3. Jinsha 1 colourway
  4. Suzhou 2 colourways
  5. Mahayana 2 colourways
  6. Khitan 2 colourways
  7. Pamir 2 colourways

Please note this website may feature lifestyle photographs of designs and colourways which are limited stock or discontinued.