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ELSDON Stain-Resistant

ELSDON is the name of one of the best preserved medieval castles in Northumberland. Nine different qualities of weave including chevron, basket-weave, strié and herringbone have the particular advantage of being inherently stain resistant. The contemporary palette is composed of a variety of coloured yarns. Essential neutrals such as linen, cream, putty and ivory are presented with livelier hues of rose, cranberry, lime and denim. All the qualities have excellent Martindale abrasion: minimum 90,000.

FibreGuard Stain-Resistant Technology tackles household stains easily. It provides excellent durability with low maintenance. FibreGuard resists ballpoint pen, coffee, red wine, ketchup, mud and more whilst being child and pet friendly.

  1. Elsdon 7 colourways
  2. Elsdon 4 colourways
  3. Elsdon 4 colourways
  4. Elsdon 4 colourways
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  6. Elsdon 4 colourways
  7. Elsdon 4 colourways
  8. Elsdon 4 colourways
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