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Sargasso Wide-width Fabrics

Sargasso Wide-width Fabrics

A collection of floating, airy fabrics for drapery named after the calm sea between the Azores and the Caribbean. Unfortunately we are currently unable to display these fabrics on the site. Please contact us for more information and / or samples. GAIA F6320-01 to 02 An ogee trellis embroidered on pure linen. PELAGOS F6321-01 to 07 A handsome linen stripe enlivened with contrasting colour and highlights of metallic. ALBORAN F6322-01 to 02 Sheer mid-scale stripe with a raffia effect. ARAL F6323-01 to 04 A pocket weave semi-sheer of self coloured wavy lined stripes. CABRERA F6324-01 An all-over pattern of tiny squares resembling confetti. PECHORA F6325-01 A horizontal stripe of curved chevrons on a sheer ground. ERSA F6326-01 A linen sheer stripe with a narrow band of metallic in a single neutral colourway. CATALINA F6327-01 An ivory and silver devore damask.

  1. Sargasso Wide-width Fabrics

  2. Gaia 2 colourways
  3. Pelagos 5 colourways
  4. Alboran 2 colourways
  5. Aral 3 colourways
  6. Cabrera 1 colourway
  7. Pechora 1 colourway
  8. Ersa 1 colourway
  9. Catalina 1 colourway

Please note this website may feature lifestyle photographs of designs and colourways which are limited stock or discontinued.