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Cabochon Wallpapers

A collection of glamorous wallpapers inspired by jewellery and fashion continues Osborne and Little's innovative approach to wallpaper design. Many of the names make reference to celebrated jewellery designers and jewellery techniques. CABOCHON FABRICS provides companion and co-ordinating fabrics for curtains, blinds and cushions.

  1. Falize 2 colourways
  2. Bulla 2 colourways
  3. Ajouré 5 colourways
  4. Cannetille 2 colourways
  5. Paillons 3 colourways
  6. Parure 1 colourway
  7. Pavé 1 colourway
  8. Pampille 1 colourway

Please note this website may feature lifestyle photographs of designs and colourways which are limited stock or discontinued.