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A collection of decorative wallpapers with a contemporary botanical theme includes dramatic large-scale digital prints and smaller scale co-ordinating designs, all printed on the easy-to-hang, non-woven base apart from GROVE GARDEN which is printed on a paper base. FOLIUM is the Latin word for leaf. A selection of complementary plain matt wallpapers is interspersed with the patterned designs, for the full range of colourways please see the CHROMA collection.

  1. Green Wall 2 colourways
  2. Feuille D'Or 6 colourways
  3. Faenza Tile 3 colourways
  4. Tiger Leaf 3 colourways
  5. Trailing Orchid 2 colourways
  6. Hammam 2 colourways
  7. Sycamore 4 colourways
  8. Rosetta 2 colourways
  9. Magnolia Frieze 2 colourways
  10. Twiggy 6 colourways
  11. Animal glade 1 colourway
  12. Grove Garden 3 colourways

Please note this website may feature lifestyle photographs of designs and colourways which are limited stock or discontinued.